Influence of Web Technologies And Mobile Development In 2019

Impact Web Technologies And Mobile Development In 2019

Present day world pushes cutting edge advancement restricts further and further each year and today we propose you consider programming patterns in 2018 dependent on our own examination of the market and the tasks we are working at. A portion of the patterns we notice are relied upon to see the light of open in months and some are as of now executed, however will shock us with new upgrades one year from now. So put off your work for the following ten minutes and submerge yourself in the realm of computer generated reality and the most recent improvements.

Stay up with the latest and look at the 10 most anticipated web innovations and portable advancement patterns for 2018. Make the most of our rundown:


You have in all likelihood seen the ascent of this tech pattern on different locales this year. Chatbots are extremely useful now, yet they are ending up significantly progressively mainstream as each business person needs to make conditions where a client can communicate with an organization and get criticism whenever. Much exertion will be coordinated unequivocally at the improvement of chatbots. It is arranged that chatbots will play out its capacities surprisingly better subsequent to improving: they will enable clients to pick the correct item, answer the most widely recognized inquiries, make an air of “human to human” correspondence – all that without a requirement for a different client bolster division.


Another web advancement pattern that has been around for quite a while as of now, yet is winding up increasingly more prevalent with every day. Essentially, a one-page site holds the entire interface on one page. Anyway, what makes these destinations so unique?

Straightforwardness. You don’t need to search for a little snippet of data through huge amounts of content or a few dimensions of connections, as everything is composed on one page.

Brevity. On such sites you won’t locate any superfluous data, everything is quickly depicted and obviously organized.

Control. This one is fairly preference for designers as they have authority over the manner in which they offer data to the client, the request of data, etc.

Inexpensiveness. Once more, it is generally an advantage for the engineers. Making a solitary page site is a lot less expensive all around: plan, advancement, facilitating.

Portable kind disposition. Single-page sites are a lot simpler to access through cell phone instead of common pages with complex route.

Without a doubt, this sort of sites can’t be reasonable for everything (you can’t make single-paged web journals, for instance), at the same time, still, they are perceived among the frontend 2018 patterns.

8. Pop-up messages ON WEBSITES

This is an extremely compelling method for correspondence with the client which is ending up increasingly more well known each day. It works really straightforward: when you visit a website page, you are offered to empower pop-up messages. On the off chance that you press “concur” catch, you will get message pop-ups each time there is a report on the site. The advantage of such innovation is very self-evident: client remains drew in with the site even after the tab with the individual website page was shut. Message pop-ups are additionally very client agreeable and simple to utilize.


Now and then, individuals partner blockchain with bitcoin. This isn’t a totally appropriate affiliation in light of the fact that blockchain is an innovation planned explicitly to give most extreme security amid exchanges in any money (not really bitcoin). Blockchain is a technique for aggregate information stockpiling. All data is kept on many PCs all around the globe as opposed to keeping everything in one spot. The primary in addition to of such a framework is, that there are no go-betweens partaking in exchanges. Each money exchange is checked based on a perplexing calculation and a colossal measure of PCs participate in this procedure. Blockchain has a high level of assurance. Numerous global banks are thinking about executing Blockchain in their work.

6. IOT

IoT arrangements step by step break into everyone’s life. Shrewd gadgets have never been as prominent and as required as now. Also, if quite a long while prior these gadgets were utilized solely for the diversion purposes, presently, IoT is utilized by tremendous global organizations. With brilliant gadgets, we can positively utilize our assets all the more successfully. Boundless open doors for expanding business potential are opened because of this idea.


It was year 2015 when we known about Progressive Web Apps out of the blue. We have seen the pioneers in PWA in 2017, yet 2018 is positively going to be the year when Progressive Web Apps become contenders to local versatile applications. Things being what they are, what is so exceptional about this tech pattern? PWA are sites that demonstration like portable applications. They can work disconnected as the majority of data is put away in the money. The most up to date data is gotten the money for each time you interface with the Internet. The capacity to work disconnected is without a doubt the greatest favorable position of this web improvement pattern for 2018.

4. Internet business

Internet business remains consistent with its formative standards and strategies. In 2018, for the most part just a similar surely understood advances and systems are to be utilized. As per our investigation of the best E-trade stages of 2018, engineers will offer inclination to Magento CMS and Shopify facilitating stage. Be that as it may, an ever increasing number of organizations are relied upon to start executing personalization and investigation advancements for social elements. Destinations are going to increase itemized data about clients and their inclinations. Online stores will approach itemized data about clients, just as their wants and inclinations so as to offer the most significant items at the time. Envision going to the shop where assistants definitely know your name and what you are intending to purchase.

3. Movement UI

Perceiving how individuals are getting incredibly tired of being over-burden by insane amounts of GIFs and blazing promotions on the web, increasingly more website specialists begin utilizing movement UI as an approach to recognize their sites from a huge number of others. Movement UI gives you a few different ways of embellishing your website page so as to change it into crafted by craftsmanship.

2. Computerized reasoning

Perhaps the most outstanding case of man-made reasoning is Apple’s Siri. The voice right hand is a coherent consequence of specialized advancement and a genuine assistant. Be that as it may, this is only one precedent. Man-made brainpower is relied upon to be brought into the broadest scope of territories conceivable. By the by, so far just undertaking organizations can bear to create ideas highlighting computerized reasoning abilities.

1. Augmented REALITY

Because of the improvement of innovation, our cell phones have turned out to be broadly quick and ground-breaking. Increased reality enables us to change our picture of the typical versatile applications and recreations totally. In 2018, the idea is to increase new energy. Organizations like Microsoft will discharge the main world-well known uses of mass fame. New augmented experience patterns, without a doubt, go past the versatile advancement. They will likewise contact visual communication, live events,online deals and a lot more angles. Facebook’s Oculus Rift and HTC Vive made ready for full-control VR frameworks. In 2018, we hope to see substantially more formative whine here.

As should be obvious, nothing remains the equivalent for long, the main stable thing is steady difference in our general surroundings. The best thing we can do is remain centered and get familiar with these regularly happening changes. Particularly, about the mechanical advancements and improvements in its region.

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Bootstrap 4 – 10 Elementary Features and Ease

Download – Bootstrap 4.0.0-alpha 3 here

1. Sass Instead of LESS

Until now Bootstrap has used LESS as its main CSS prepocessor, but for the new major release, the style rules will be refactored to Sass, which is much more popular among frontend developers, has a huge contributor base, generally easier to use and offers more possibilities. Thanks to the powerful Libsass Sass Complier written in C/C++ Bootstrap 4 will compile much faster than before.

2. New Grid Tier for Smaller Screens

Bootstrap has a sophisticated responsive grid system that allows developers to target devices with different viewports. Bootstrap 3 currently has 4 grid classes for columns, .col-xs-XX for mobile phones, .col-sm-XX for tablets, .col-md-XX for desktops, and .col-lg-XX for larger desktops. Bootstrap 4 will enhance the grid system with a fifth one that will facilitate developers to target smaller devices under 480px viewport width.
The new grid class has taken the name of the previous smallest one, and pushed the current names of the grid tiers upwards by one notch. In Bootstrap 4 the large desktops will use the .col-xl-XX class selector. It’s important to know that despite the new name they didn’t add a new class for extra large screens but for extra small ones.

3. Introduces Relative CSS Units

Bootstrap 4 finally drops the support for Internet Explorer 8. That’s really a smart step as it allows them to get rid of pesky polyfills, and convert to relative CSS units. Instead of pixels, the new major release will use REMs and EMs that make it possible to implement responsive typography on Bootstrap sites. This will also increase readability, and make sites more accessible for disabled users.
If you want to try out how relative units work with the new Bootstrap 4, check out this demo on Codepen.

4. Brand New Bootstrap Cards

The development team decided to unify some previous elements of Bootstrap’s user interface, so they decided to introduce a new UI component called Cards. Cards will replace the former wells, thumbnails and panels, and will provide users with a more streamlined workflow. Don’t worry, cards will keep familiar elements, such as titles, headers and footers of wells, thumbnails and panels.
As cards will be more flexible than the current UI components, they will allow a bigger space for creative implementations. There are some pioneers out there who have already conducted experiments on Codepen with Bootstrap Cards. You can check them out, or create your own cards.

5. New Reboot Module

The new Reboot module replaces the previous normalize.css reset file. It doesn’t ditch it; on the contrary, it builds more rules upon it. The goal of the move was to include all generic CSS selectors and reset styles in a single, easy-to-use SCSS file. You can take a look at the source code here if you want to better understand how the new module works.
It’s good to know that the new reset styles smartly set the box-sizing CSS property to border-box on the <html> element, which is therefore inherited by each child element on the page. The new style rule makes responsive layouts more manageable. If you want to experience the difference between the content-box and border-box layout types, take a look at this handy demo provided by (it wasn’t created for Bootstrap 4, it just shows how box-sizing generally works).

6. Opt-in Flexbox Support

Bootstrap 4 makes it possible to take leverage of CSS3’s Flexbox Layout, however – as Internet Explorer 9 doesn’t support the flexbox module – the default version of Bootstrap 4 rather makes use of the float and display CSS properties to implement a fluid layout.
Flexbox has an easy-to-use layout that can be excellently utilized in responsive design, as it provides a flexible container that either expands or shrinks itself to fill the available space the best way. Only use the opt-in flexbox feature if you don’t need to provide support for IE9.

7. Streamlined Variable Customization

All Sass variables used in the new Bootstrap release are included in a single file called _variables.scss, that will significantly streamline the development process. You don’t have to do anything else apart from copying the settings from this file into another one called _custom.scss to change the default values.
You can customize many things such as colours, spacing, link styles, typography, tables, grid breakpoints and containers, column number and gutter width, and many others.

8. New Utility Classes for Spacing

Bootstrap 3 already has many practical utility classes such as the ones that change floating or the clearfix, but Bootstrap 4 adds even more. The new spacing classes allow developers to quickly change paddings and margins on their sites.
The syntax for the new classes is quite straightforward, for example adding the .m-a-0 class links a style rule that sets margins to 0 on all sides of the given element (margin-all-0). While margins use the m- prefix, paddings are styled with the p- prefix. In the development docs you can take a look at all the new spacing utility classes.

9. Tooltips and Popovers Powered By Tether

In Bootstrap 4 tooltips and popovers makes use of the super cool Tether library, a positioning engine that makes it possible to keep an absolutely positioned element right next to another element on the same page. This means tooltips and popovers will be automatically placed properly on Bootstrap 4 websites.
Don’t forget that as Tether is a third party JavaScript library, you need to separately include it in the HTML before your bootstrap.js file.

10. Refactored JavaScript Plugins

The development team refactored each JavaScript plugin for the new release using EcmaScript 6. With the smart utilization of the latest specifications and the newest enhancements, they intend to improve the frontend experience.
The new Bootstrap 4 has also undergone through other JavaScript improvements, such as option type checking, generic teardown methods, and UMD support, that will all work together to make the most popular frontend framework run more smoothly than ever before.


is an amazing language which servers multiple purpose for developers especially when it comes to animation, building dynamic interfaces, maps, animating SVGs and many more.JavaScript libraries makes your work more easy and fast.So in this post we have put together a list of some of the best JS LIBRARIES FOR AUGUST.



Common JavaScript libraries packaged as DNN JavaScript Library extensions.This allows common JavaScript libraries to exist in a single place within a DNN site, instead of every module, skin, and piece of content that wants to include them using their own. DNN presently comes with libraries for jQuery, jQuery UI, jQuery Migrate, Knockout, and Knockout Mapping.


Locutus is a project that seeks to assimilate other languages’ standard libraries to JavaScript. it can also serve as a nice pastime for a rainy Sunday afternoon. Not only can porting a function be quite rewarding, but it also deepens your understanding of different languages.



CLJSJS provides an easy way for ClojureScript developers to depend on Javascript libraries.CLJSJS provides Javascript libraries and their appropriate extern files packaged up with deps.cljs. CLJSJS aims to concentrate packaging efforts to make everyone’s life a little easier.



GSAP is a suite of tools for scripted, high-performance HTML5 animations that work in all major browsers. No other library delivers such advanced sequencing, reliability, API efficiency, and tight control while solving real-world problems for animators. Stop wrestling with cumbersome CSS animations, stuttery jQuery.animate() calls, or a framework that limits your creativity. GSAP can animate any numeric property of any JS object, not just CSS properties.



CloudMine is a backend-as-a-service platform for mobile and web developers to rapidly build and quickly scale their apps. Build and scale iOS, Android, Windows Phone, and web apps on our secure and managed backend.The JavaScript library supports both Node.js and browsers.


Latest WordPress Plugins For Stronger Your Project

We can’t deny that WordPress is the biggest open source content management system. It empowers a number of newly developed websites. Today there are billions of users that take their business online with the help of WordPress websites. To keep growing with this pace, WordPress keep launching new techniques that the developers need to learn. One of the launches of WordPress Plugins that plays an important role in customization.

Why WordPress Plugins need attention?

From the quick upload of a website to boosting the server’s performance and securing the website to tracking the performance, Plugins help to optimize your website. Some plugins can help you save time in complex coding while some help you to back up your site now and then to avoid any malfunctioning.

Plugins are as important as an internet connection to a website. Recently, WordPress has launched the following plugins that can help you to create the epitome of a website:

1) OpenId Connect Single Sign On(SSO) By Gluu: This Plugin helps you to authenticate users against any OpenID connect. Once the user has login to the server, the module starts a chain that visits the Single Sign On script of each website. The plugin then sends notification via cookie to the parent site so that if the user visit the site again, the cookie gets notified by the real site and user shall be automatically logged out.

2) MMWD Custom Login Error: It is mainly for the hackers. Whenever a user logs in with the incorrect information, the error doesn’t display whether it was password or the user-name that went wrong.

3) Taxonomy Admin Filter: It really gets hectic to scroll down the tags and look for the desired information. With Taxonomy filter, it gets easier to select, choose and search the tags.

4) WP Suite: Worker: With this plugin, one can check the events and actions on the website with an ease, increases security of the website and create a backup. Also, it helps in Instancing, Automation, Updation, Benchmarking and logging the events.

5) User Menus by Jungle Plugins: This particular plugin shows the username, first name, last name, and email in a menu item to enable you to adress your customers with pleasantries.

6) MWP Viral Sign-up: This plugin lets you to create an easy sign-up process with limited spaces filled by the customers. It enables the viral sharing through referrals and with a promise of an incentive.

7) Stomp: This plugin prevents the gap between bottom of a visible page and the footer element. It fixes the footer to the base of page.

8) Login Watchdog: It records every time a user fails to attempt the login and after severalz of attempts, Login Watchdog blocks the IP address of that particular system.

9) Chat2: Allows you to add a chat option in your website to interact with customers on real-time basis.

10) Darwin Backup: Finally a plugin that relieves you from the tensions of data loss or any severity. You no more need the special team of developers to fix the loss. Just click on Darwin Backup and the information is restored. Currently, it’s unsupportive of timely backups but still extremely useful.

11) Twitter feeds and Pins, Insta, Facebook Widget: These widgets lets you add the fun of social networking on your website. Every time you post anything about your product or blog, it gets notified by your followers and you will also receive notifications you are following to.

12) Windsor Strava: Helps to showcase information like your profile, followers, statistics and many more with a simple shortcode.

13) This plugin allows you to store the contact number in its database so that you can send information via messages when needed.

How To Install These Plugins!

Adding these plugins into your website is like plain sailing. Some of the plugins are already stored with WordPress. You just need to go to the dashboard, click on plugin, search for the plugin you need and install it. You are ready with your new plugin. Other few plugins you need to upload in your plugin directory and then install it.

Every day, or sometimes in every hour, one or more than one plugin is developed. Just keep a track if you are a WordPress user and need your website to out-compete the rest of website in your niche!

Author Bio :

Sophia is a renowned WordPress developer by profession and likes to share here experience through blogging. She can be a great resource for those who are looking to WordPress Developer for hire in USA , then you can get in touch with her.

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8 Best PHP Cheat Sheets For Developers

Web development is now getting very much important in these days.Well this is not an easy task to be a web developers.It needs a lots of hard work.For creating a dynamic website PHP is the first choice for the developers. No doubt PHP is beneficial for the developers because it supports them to create attractive web pages.

Here in this article we have put together a list of 8 best PHP cheat sheets for quick development.

Best PHP Cheat Sheets 

PHP Cheat Sheet |




PHP Cheat Sheet | DaveChild

This PHP cheat sheets is a quick reference guide for PHP, with functions references, a regular expression syntax guide and a reference for PHP’s date formating functions. As of 28/6/14, the cheat sheet now includes popup links to the appropriate PHP manual pages.




Security Cheat Sheets




PHP Variable Cheat Shets




PHP Reference Sheets Basics

PHP Reference Sheet Basics can be downloaded for free. This includes syntax and information for commonly used tasks, syntax, and more.




PHP: Functions

A function is actually a collection of code that is known from any point in a script after it has been announced. It is actually a compartmentalized PHP script created to complete a single task.




PHP PCRE Cheat Sheet




PHP & MYSQL For Dummies




6 Photoshop Tutorials To Improve your Skills for beginners

Here we have collected 6 wonderful and practical Adobe Photoshop tutorials for the beginners, professionals and amateurs. Adobe Photoshop is an amazing tool that is very easy to learn. So, if you are new to Photoshop then do not worry. These tutorials will help you learn a wide variety of techniques that you can start using with your own photos right away.

Photoshop Tutorials To Improve your Skills

Manipulate a Portrait Photo to Create a Splatter Paint Effect


View Tutorial


Create Leafy Face Photo Manipulation In Photoshop


View Tutorial


Create A Surreal Photo Manipulation By Mixing Ice And Fire Textures


View Tutorial


Create Rusted Metal Text Effect Inspired By “Mad Max” Movie


View Tutorial


How to Add Realistic Falling Snow to a Photo in Photoshop


View Tutorial


The Blur Gallery


View Tutorial



Every web developer should keep useful code snippets in a personal library for future reference.In this post we will show you some useful code snippets of PHP which will help you for your future projects.


Show Number Of People Who Liked Your Facebook Page

function fb_fan_count($facebook_name)
    $data = json_decode(file_get_contents("".$facebook_name));
    $likes = $data->likes;
    return $likes;


$page = "smartwebcare";
$count = fb_fan_count($page);
echo $count;

Sending an Email With MANDRILL

For the below function you would have to put a file “Mandrill.php” in the same folder as the PHP file you would be using to send emails.

function send_email($to_email,$subject,$message1)
	require_once 'Mandrill.php';
$apikey = 'XXXXXXXXXX'; //specify your api key here
$mandrill = new Mandrill($apikey);
$message = new stdClass();
$message->html = $message1;
$message->text = $message1;
$message->subject = $subject;
$message->from_email = "";//Sender Email
$message->from_name  = "Smart Web Care";//Sender Name
$message->to = array(array("email" => $to_email));
$message->track_opens = true;
$response = $mandrill->messages->send($message);

In the above code you would have to specify your own api key that you get from your Mandrill account.


$to = "";
$subject = "This is a test email";
$message = "Hello World!";

Zipping a File

function create_zip($files = array(),$destination = '',$overwrite = false) {  
    //if the zip file already exists and overwrite is false, return false  
    if(file_exists($destination) && !$overwrite) { return false; }  
    $valid_files = array();  
    //if files were passed in...  
    if(is_array($files)) {  
        //cycle through each file  
        foreach($files as $file) {  
            //make sure the file exists  
            if(file_exists($file)) {  
                $valid_files[] = $file;  
    //if we have good files...  
    if(count($valid_files)) {  
        //create the archive  
        $zip = new ZipArchive();  
        if($zip->open($destination,$overwrite ? ZIPARCHIVE::OVERWRITE : ZIPARCHIVE::CREATE) !== true) {  
            return false;  
        //add the files  
        foreach($valid_files as $file) {  
        //echo 'The zip archive contains ',$zip->numFiles,' files with a status of ',$zip->status;  
        //close the zip -- done!  
        //check to make sure the file exists  
        return file_exists($destination);  
        return false;  


$files=array('file1.jpg', 'file2.jpg', 'file3.gif');  
create_zip($files, '', true); 

PHP Snippets For Directory Listing

Using the below PHP code snippet you would be able to list all files and folders in a directory.

function list_files($dir)
        if($handle = opendir($dir))
            while(($file = readdir($handle)) !== false)
                if($file != "." &amp;&amp; $file != ".." &amp;&amp; $file != "Thumbs.db"/*pesky windows, images..*/)
                    echo '<a target="_blank" href="'.$dir.$file.'">'.$file.'</a><br>'."n";


    list_files("images/"); //This will list all files of images folder

Creating  A CSV File From PHP ARRAY

function generateCsv($data, $delimiter = ',', $enclosure = '"') {
   $handle = fopen('php://temp', 'r+');
   foreach ($data as $line) {
		   fputcsv($handle, $line, $delimiter, $enclosure);
   while (!feof($handle)) {
		   $contents .= fread($handle, 8192);
   return $contents;


$data[0] = "apple";
$data[1] = "oranges";
generateCsv($data, $delimiter = ',', $enclosure = '"');


ARRAY in PHP Beginners guide

In this article we are going to discuss ARRAY in PHP Beginners guide. Arrays are wonderful ways to organize and use data in PHP. Array is Collection of different variables under the same label to keep values organized and easily accessible for processing. Here’s a quick example of an array of types of transportation:

$transportation = array( ‘Planes’, ‘Trains’, ‘Automobiles’ );

We use $ sign to give an array name like we do for variables. after that an equal sign and then keyword ‘array’ that tells the parser that we are working with arrays and then different values within parenthesis and each value enclosed in double or single quotes separated by comma.

Printing Array Items

$Top3Sites = array ("","","");
The output of the above programme will be.
[0] =>
[1] =>
[2] =>

Please note that we use print_r to print an array because you cannot print an array with echo or print function (both are used to display output) though you can use echo or print to display single items from the array e.g.:
echo $Top3Sites[1]; //
Remember that the index number starts from 0 and not 1.
Each value of the array get a unique ID which is known as INDEX NUMBER.

Types Of Arrays:

There are three different types of arrays in PHP:
a) Numeric Array: An array with a numeric ID key.
b) Associative Array: An array where each ID key is associated with a value.
c) Multidimensional Array: An array containing one or more arrays.

Numeric Arrays:

Numeric arrays use integer / numbers as their index number to identify each item of the array. The example we discussed above are numeric arrays as they have integer values as index numbers for each item.

Associative Arrays:

Sometimes it’s better to use the index name instead of index number. When you submit a form using POST or GET method you get associative array on the receiving page that contains the name of each form field as array index and its value as index value. Associative Arrays are more easy to handle and to process information especially dealing with complex form submission and dynamic values from database etc.

Multidimensional Arrays:

A multidimensional array is one where the items in an array are themselves arrays. Here’s an example:

$staff = array(
0 => array(
[‘Name’] => ‘Jonney Robot’,
[‘Position’] => ‘Reader’
1 => array(
[‘Name’] => ‘Rahul Gambhir’,
[‘Position’] => ‘Writer’

There we have a $staff array with multiple people in it. We could do multiple foreach functions to iterate over each of those people like this:

foreach( $staff as $key => $person ) {
    echo ‘<ul>’;
        foreach( $person as $attribute => $value ) {
            echo ‘<li>’ . $attribute . ‘:’ . $value . ‘</li>’;
    echo ‘</ul>’;

In the above example I looped through each person, and within each person I looped through their attributes and printed them. You can make up whatever variable names you wish, there’s nothing magic about the names. I tried to name mine in a way that made sense according to the contents.

Arrays are a very deep topic and it has a lot more to discuss and even I can easily write a complete book on arrays only. But the aim of this article is to give you very sound understanding of arrays and different methods to store and process information in arrays.


6 Fastest Cloud Development Platform

Cloud Development and cloud computing is becoming more prominent as a mechanism for developers to seamlessly deploy applications.Here is a list of 6 Coolest Cloud Development Platform.

Cloud Development Platform

Google App Engine

Google App Engine enables developers to run Web apps on Google’s infrastructure. It features dynamic Web serving; persistent storage with queries, sorting, and transactions; and automatic scaling and load balancing.For storing data, App Engine Datastore offers a NoSQL schema-less object datastore, the Google Cloud SQL relational SQL database service, and Google Cloud Storage, for storing objects and files up to terabytes in size. App Engine features APIs for authenticating users.


View Details

Force is billed as a platform for social enterprise applications.Now you can harness the power of Lightning to build and deploy powerful apps. With a full suite of tools for admins, developers, and business users, building apps that automate complex business processes is faster and easier than ever before.


View Demo     View Details



With the help of Heroku, you’re able to provide your services with a valuable technology platform that helps to stay competitive, improve and grow their existing business, delight existing customers, and attract new ones.Heroku supports Ruby, Node.js, Clojure, Java, Python, and Scala development.


View Details



Engine Yard Cloud

It’s a Cloud orchestration platform to deploy, monitor and scale your applications.Engine Yard features a Ruby on Rails technology stack, including Web, application, and database servers.It offers multiple languages, load balancers, app servers, and databases.They provides many features like ..

  • Stack Management
  • Automation and Orchestration
  • Monitoring and Alerting
  • Add-ons


View Details


Microsoft Windows Azure

Microsoft Azure is a growing collection of integrated cloud services—analytics, computing, database, mobile, networking, storage, and web—for moving faster, achieving more, and saving money.Windows Azure lets developers deploy applications across a global network of Microsoft-managed data centers, offering a 99.5 percent uptime SLA. Applications can be developed via technologies like, PHP, and Node.js.


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CumuLogic Database Service is an “on-prem” platform empowering developers and DBAs with self service database access, while enabling IT Ops to retain control of the underlying infrastructure for governance and security. Databases supported include MySQL, MongoDB and Couchbase.It provides cost efficient, scalable and managed databases on any Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) clouds, virtualized environments or bare metal.


View Details