10 PHP Events And Calendar Scripts

If you are looking to accomplish some tasks like schedule or book your own appointments, schedule usage of resources such as rooms, vehicles etc then PHP events and calendar scripts will help you to do your task easily.So here in post we have showcasing 10 PHP scripts for setting up online events calendar on your site.

PHP Events And Calendar Scripts

PHP LBEvents – Events Calendar

PHP LBEvents is a php script that allow you to create and manage events to display on a calendar. You can creates unlimited calendars with their settings and let user select it to display the events you want to show on it.



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Promoter is a calendar based PHP script that allows you to create events listings websites.Your visitors will be able to browse the events by category, using the calendar or subscribing to the RSS feed, there’s also a search box which allows to search for specific events. The script is SEO friendly as it uses user-friendly URLs and automatically generates a sitemap.xml for search engines.


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PHP Event Calendar

PHP Event Calendar is a MySQL Database driven script that displays events on your website quickly and easily through a traditional calendar UI. It can be integrated into any existing PHP page within minutes using a simple file include.


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Caledonian PHP Event Calendar

Caledonian PHP Calendar is a user friendly, php based and multi-user calendar/scheduling script. It has so many great features like timeline, multiple calendars, shared calendars, event reminder, multiple language support and so on. You can customize it easily and use as a standalone scheduling application or integrate into your own application.


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Live Events

Live Events is a PHP, mySql, ajax(jQuery) script where you can stream events in real time. You can stream sports, concerts and any kind of events. Your visitors can add their comments (if this is enable) and you can as admin (or writer) add comments, images and videos (from Youtube.com or Vimeo.com).


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Employee Work Schedule / Multi-calendar

This calendar is for scheduling employees and/or spaces or you can use it as amulti-calendar to add events in several calendars.. In the dashboard there are many settings with which you can customize the calendar, like views, date/time formats, am/pm, (non) alterable days etc. etc.




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CIFullCalendar v3

CIFullCalendar+ is a server-side dynamic web application that is responsive to any layout of a viewing screen. The “Super Saiyan Fusion” power of CIFullCalendar allows users to organize, plan and share events to everyone.


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Eventer, a PHP and jQuery based interactive events calendar, is a highly interactive calendar for presenting your events in a very highly interactive format.


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Booking System

Booking system is a powerful easy to use and easy to setup booking script which will help you to setup a reservation system for any of your websites in minutes.


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Multipurpose Responsive PHP Ajax Calendar

This multipurpose AJAX Calendar can be used as event manager, reminder, planner, affiche, to-do list etc and will save You a lot of time for client-side scripting. It can be integrated in any type of Content Management Systems such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal etc.


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